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Loads - Note 2

A SIMPLE COMPARISON OF SYNCHRONOUS AND INDUCTION MOTORS Synchronous Motor = stator windings are the same as those of induction motors = rotor windings are usually flexible copper coils connected to a separate DC exciter = the DC excitation supplied to the field coils produces the rotor magnetic flux = constant speed from no-load to full-load, but may stop when overloaded = works as power factor corrector while providing stable torque to drive loads Induction Motor = stator windings are the same as those of synchronous motors = rotor "windings" are usually rigid aluminum bars, skewed and short-circuited at each end = self-excited via induction like a transformer to produce rotor magnetic flux = variable speed based on frequency, but can be affected by harmonics = can provide high torque to accommodate temporary overloads Each has an advantage, depending on the desired application.