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Trivia - Electric Mnemonic 2

This post presents an alternative way of memorizing the color code of resistors.

1.) Resistor colors are arranged as follows:

Black (0), Brown (1), Red (2), Orange (3), Yellow (4), Green (5), Blue (6), Violet (7), Gray (8), White (9)

2.) At first glance, they may seem hard to remember even though there are only ten of them. But upon closer inspection, the colors are logically arranged from "darkest" to "lightest".


Therefore, they can be categorized to shorten memorization, with only a few colors per category.

"2 Dark, 6 Rainbow, 2 Light"

or simply,

"Dark Rainbow Light"

3.) For those who like to memorize on per-letter basis, they can also be expanded into "sentence" form.


"Bell Boy ROY G. BiV Gets Water"
"Boss Baby ROY G. BiV Got Wet"
"Bad Boy ROY G. BiV Gave Weapons"
"Big Bad ROY G. BiV Goes Wild"

... and so on.

4.) As for resistor tolerances, they can simply be thought of as "awards":

Gold, Silver, None

Gold = champion (+/- 5% error)
Silver = runner-up (+/- 10% error)
None = no honors (+/- 20% error)


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